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Rustic Slab Lamp Bases

We are happy to offer a new style to our rustic lamp selections!

Red Cedar is native to the Carolina’s and South East. The natural beauty of the wood compliments our rustic copper lamp shades. The live edge of the slab makes for a perfect lamp base and has beautiful color characteristics with white boarders and deep red centers.

We also off Maple and Black Walnut bases. When available, these two woods are truly unique and have natural beauty of the wood grain and knots. Black Walnut is similar to cedar, where the core of the is deep brown to black, in some cases with a purple tone in them.

Here is how we create a slab lamp base

We start off by finding native wood species from the surrounding areas in the Carolinas. It’s not as easy as one would think to make the perfect lamp base! Finding the right tree to use is very difficult, simply put, not all trees are suitable to be used and would look good in your home. In some cases, the trees used have already fallen. Fallen trees usually are best for our Maple lamp bases.

The rough cut

But when we do find them we start off by cutting them in chunks, bucking them really using a chain saw. This gives us the general shape that will be used to make the fashion the base. Have a look at what these cross cut bases look like, Black Walnut and Red Cedar.

Varous sized rough cut cedar, maple and black walnut slab lamp bases
Rough Cut Slab Lamp Bases

The finishing touches

After the rough cutting the bases they need to be finished. To finish the lamp bases we have to first sand them down. Sanding helps to bring out the natural characteristics of the wood. This process gives them the deep red core for Cedar bases or deep brown for Black Walnut.

Once sanded and smoothed we drill a hole through the center for the electrical wire. Having the wire run through the center helps to ensure that the focal point is on the lamp rather than the hardware.

Various Cedar, Maple and Walnut slab lamp bases. Sanded and finished with urethane.
Finished Slab Lamp Bases

The final product

The only thing left is to add the hardware. All lamp bases are fit with standard lamp hardware and come with an energy efficient LED bulb. Depending on the base size we use either an A19 40 watt or A15 25 watt bulb.

All you need to do is to pick the size of the slab lamp base that works best in your home. We offer mini, small, medium and large sizes. Then pick the rustic copper lamp shade design that you like. We offer six standard designs. But, more often than not customers request custom designs for the shade. When you purchase from us, we can pretty much customize every detail of the lamp. We customize for free, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Mini Sized Cedar Slab Lamp Base with Horse Design on copper lamp shade
Red Cedar
Maple Slab Lamp Base with copper shade and stained glass sun
Black Walnut slab lamp base with mountian background and evergreen design copper shade.
Black Walnut
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