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Custom Wolf Design Copper Lamp Shade

Copper lamp shade of wolf howling at moon. Moon is stained glass inlay. Lamp base is handcrafted from red oak, smoothed and finished.

What makes us different?

Well, its rather easy if you ask us. Its our ability to customize lamps and shades to fit your unique needs. Lets face it, it would be impossible to create standard designs that meet the needs of all of our customers, we all know this. That is why we will create a personalized shade just for you, and the best part is we don’t charge extra for it. This flexibility gives us a better understanding of our customers needs and good ideas too!

How the “Howling Wolf” design came to be. A lady walks into our Chimney Rock shop and wanted something a little different for her log cabin. She liked out standard shades, however didn’t feel any of them was just right for her. We asked her if she would like another design, which she responded she always fond of wolves. After sketching out the idea, she liked the wolf howling at the moon design. The next week, she dropped back in to pick it up.

Order your custom designed copper shade online today

Don’t feel like you have to come into our shop… That would be quite the drive for most of our online customers. If you like our lamps and shades, however really want another design, just contact us and let us know. We can sketch something up and send it back.

Just so you know, we strive to build the highest quality lamps at an affordable price. Everything you see on our site or shop is built exclusively by us, no middle man. If you do order a custom designed shade, please be patient with us, usually it will take around two weeks to get the design cut into our 12 gauge copper shades.

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  1. Purchased one of your table lamps on our vacation to lake lure,just loved the glowing feel.

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