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Custom Designed Handcrafted Lamp Shades

Custom Pine Cone design rustic lamp shade. Sits on a red cedar base, shade is made of copper

Lets face it, having only a handful of designs we sell potentially limits the imagination of what we offer. However, this is not the case! Why? Well, when you purchase our lamps you are purchasing straight from the manufacturer. No middle men involved.

Take for example, Sue from New York purchased two log based lamps with Evergreen designed shades. She then wanted something a little different than our standard designs, a Pine Cone design. Sue contacted us and we drafted her design and then created the perfect custom designed shade for her.

Its not easy to create a custom designed handcrafted lamp shade and many people wonder how we do it. So, we figured we would make this post to show you how we create the perfect shade for you!

Time needed: 3 hours

Check out how we handcraft your custom designed lamp shade!

  1. Drafting Your Design

    After contacting us and letting us know what you would like. We will send you a sketch of the lamp shade design to ensure it is exactly what you wanted.Sketch of pine cone lamp shade design in black and white

  2. Lamp Shade Panels

    Once we have your design, we can start building your handcrafted lamp shade. Using solid 12 gauge copper sheets we cut out the four sides of your shade. As you can see, we are not a cookie cutter shop, or produce in masses. We cut your shade by hand, using traditional tools, here tin snips.Cutting copper lamp shade panels

  3. Drawing The Design

    Hand drawing the design on the panel in preparation for plasma cutting.Tracing the image design on the panel

  4. Plasma Cutting

    After shaping all the panels, the next step is to cut out the design using a plasma cutter. We can assure you its not easy to cut copper, it took us years to perfect the art of plasma cutting detailed images into copper. Since copper is a softer metal, we have to use a low voltage plasma cutter.Plasma cutting image into raw copper

  5. Drilling

    Some shade designs have a night time setting. For these we drill small holes into the shade to resemble a starry night.Drilling holes which look like stars when lamp is turned on

  6. Bending

    Using a metal break the corners of the panel are bent 90 degrees to connect the four panels and form the shade.Bending copper sheet to connect the four sides of lamp shade

  7. Rolling The Edges

    After bending the panels we roll the bottom edge using a ball peen hammer and steel dowel rod.Rolling the bottom edges of the panel with steel dowel rod and ball peen hammer

  8. Soldering The Panels

    Using a hand torch and soldering wire we solder the four panels together to create your lamp shade.Soldering shade panels together

  9. Handcrafting The Bridge

    We handcraft the bridge of the shade. The bridge connects the lamp shade to the harp.Handcrafting the lamp bridge using a vise.

  10. Cleaning The Lamp Shade

    Cleaning the shade with steel wool. This removes any burs or slag created from plasma cutting and smooths the edges from soldering.Cleaning the lamp shade with steel wool

  11. Applying Patina

    Getting the right mixture for patina is an art. It has taken us years to perfect the mixture on patina for your lamp shade. Patina gives copper an aged look. If you want to learn more about how patina works please check out the copper patina guide.Spraying on patina mixture to lamp shade

  12. Applying Lacquer

    We apply a thin coat of lacquer to preserve the patina on the shade. This image is another custom shade design request of a trout jumping from the river.Applying lacquer to the shade to preserve the patina

  13. Putting It All Together

    After the lacquer dries, we can put everything together and create your perfect handcrafted custom designed lamp! This one was create for Sue from New York and is mounted on our cedar slab base. What are you waiting for, head on over to our shade shop.Custom Pine Cone design rustic lamp shade. Sits on a red cedar base, shade is made of copper

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