Hickory Copper Shade Cabin Lamp


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Don’t like our standard design?  Don’t worry, learn how we can custom design a lamp shade for you at no additional charge!



Top quality log cabin lighting made just for you!

Our collection of handcrafted hickory lamps make a great addition to your cabin or mountain home.  Each sustainably harvested lamp base tells a unique story through its distinctive wood grain and color variation that will illuminate your office, bedroom or living room.

Here are the facts about your Hickory lamp:

  • Log base has distinctive grain, its high density and hardness makes it resilient against wear and tear making it ideal for furniture
  • Hickory has natural variations in color called spalting ranging from pale white (almost bleached) to dark brown.  Spalting is a natural fungal process that adds beautiful unique coloration to the base
  • Each base is carved, sanded and smoothed with a clear coat lacquer to preserve the wood
  • The copper lamp shade is hand crafted from 12 guage copper sheets which are soldered together and supported by a custom made bridge
  • We apply patina to the copper shade which serves as a protective layer and adds unique character to your lamp
  • Your lamp is one of a one of a kind work of nature carved by hand

We understand choices are hard to make.  We can make it easy for you, contact us and we can send your pictures of our current inventory to select from!

Choosing your size

We offer the following standard sizes to choose from.  If these don’t work; just get in touch with us and we can customize it to fit any space in your home.

  • Small sized or desk lamps are 8” to 9″ wide, 16” to 17″ in height with a 6″ harp
  • Medium size table lamps are 9” to 12″ wide, 22″ to 24″ in height with a 8.5″ harp
  • Large size table lamps are 9” wide by 14” long by 28” tall with a 9.5″ harp (contact us)
Small and Medium Lamp size chart
Lamp Sizes

Choosing your design

We offer 8 different standard designs with our copper lamp shades.

  • Bear
  • Buck Deer
  • Evergreen
  • Horse
  • Pine Cone
  • Plain (no design, no stained glass insert)
  • Winter Moon
  • Wolf

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