About Us

Welcome to Doug Bowman Galleries!

As a boy, I was raised on a farm and grew up in the North Carolina Foothills.  We never had much money growing up but we did have land, which we lived off of.  Growing up, I worked on my grandfather’s fishing pond collecting one dollar from the fisherman to fish all day.  I couldn’t help myself and fished right along with them.  Even at an early age I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up, create wildlife art.  My main motivation came from Duane Raver’s work, I remember trying to redraw his illustrations from the “Wildlife in North Carolina” magazine.

In my early 30’s my wife and I moved to Lake Norman, which is about 20 minutes north of Charlotte, NC so that I could start my business in graphics design.  My business mainly focused on creating brochures, catalogs and signage for companies such as Ingersoll Rand and CachéPhotography was a strong suite of mine as well, which I did a lot of work for Tom Clark photographing his gnomes.

It wasn’t until my mid 40’s when I traveled to the quaint little town of Chimney Rock.  Immediately I fell in love with the natural surroundings and the atmosphere which gave me a 1930’s and 40’s feel.  Soon after, I purchased a house and built my shop in hopes of one day selling my custom products to people with like interest.

Now retired from graphics design, I spend most of my time doing what I love; designing rustic home décor. 

What makes us different?

  • Our products are all handmade in America.
  • Lamp shades and decorative you see in my shop are crafted personally by me. From the 12 gauge copper sheets I start with to the aging of the copper using patina and plasma cut design.
  • Red Oak lamp bases are cut from trees on our property and carved by us.
  • We personally handpick the driftwood bases.
  • We originally carved all sculptures you see in our shop. The castings you purchase are painted using brush and air brush by me.
  • Our prints are from the original paintings. We frame all of our own prints sold.
  • All custom furniture you purchase through is created rough cut lumbers of your choice.

So, come on in and visit my shop.  I hope you my handcrafted products fill that specific niche in your home!

Visit Our Shop in the Chimney Rock Village

Our shop is located off of Highway 64 which is the main corridor for Chimney Rock Village.  You can’t miss the rock exterior of our shop in the hillside.   The next time your driving through stop in and check us out!