Rustic Red Oak Copper Shade Table Lamps


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Don’t like our standard design?  Don’t worry, learn how we can custom design a lamp shade for you at no additional charge!



We have top quality rustic lamps for you!

Are you looking for rustic lamps made in China?  Well, your in the wrong place.  We only make the finest quality handcrafted American made products.  Support America buy purchasing our lamps that are locally made in the Appalachian Mountains.

Okay, here’s the gist about your rustic lamp:

  • Built to last, the bases are hand carved out of Red Oak.  Sanded and smoothed with a clear coat lacquer these are built to impress.
  • Each base varies in style, this is only natural as no two trees are alike.  Normally, bases have the outer rings of the tree which is smoothed to transition into the heart.  This gives an elegant transition that you cant stop looking at.  Here is a picture from Wikipedia that helps describe the transition for you.
  • These come standard with our three styles of shades.  We offer large lamps as well, however we don’t post them on the website.  Looking for the large version, just contact us and tell us what you like.
  • All of our shades come with patina.  If you don’t already know what patina is, patina ages copper and gives it an antique rustic look.  We use various colors of patina as well, from purple, to a lighter black and teal.
  • Shades are constructed with high quality copper (12 guage).  At roughly a 1/10th of an inch thick makes these much sturdier than our competitors.
  • We incorporate stained glass into the shades.  Seeing the light shine through the stained glass will make you never want to turn it off!

We want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our products.  At check out, send us a note and tell us you would like to see our current inventory of bases.

Choosing your size

We offer the following standard sizes to choose from.  If these don’t work; just get in touch with us and we can customize it to fit any space in your home.

  • Small sized or desk lamps are 8” to 9″ wide, 16” to 17″ in height with a 6″ harp
  • Medium size table lamps are 9” to 12″ wide, 22″ to 24″ in height with a 8.5″ harp
  • Large size table lamps are 9” wide by 14” long by 28” tall with a 9.5″ harp (call us for these)


Small and Medium lamp sizes
Size Chart

Choosing your design

We offer 8 different standard designs with our copper lamp shades.

  • Bear
  • Buck Deer
  • Evergreen
  • Horse
  • Pine Cone
  • Plain (no design, no stained glass insert)
  • Winter Moon
  • Wolf

At these prices they wont last long, get our rustic lamps today while they are still in stock!


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Copper Lamp Shade Design

Buck, Evergreen, Fishing Boy, Horse, Sitting Bear, Sun Tree