Western and Log Cabin Copper Lamp Shades

Various Copper Lamp Shade Designs with Stained Glass

Think copper is just another element on the periodic table?  Then our custom designed shades will change your mind.

Wondering how we create these copper lamp shades?  We start by using high quality 12 gauge copper sheets. Then we draw a standard image or one which you choose by hand and cut a design using a plasma cutter.  For that aged look and feel we apply patina then preserve it with a clear coat polyurethane lacquer.  To finish off, the hood uses a solid brass bridge to mount the shade.  Both medium and large sized shades have a skirt strengthen the shade.  Stained glass inlays can be added to any custom design that will fit right in to your western home or log cabin.  You looking for a base too?  Then check out our Red Oak bases on our table lamps or our get it with driftwood on our floor lamps page.

Log Cabin Style Copper Lamp Shade with bear sitting under moon light and stars. Rolling hills in the background and evergreens on the side
Sitting Bear Design
Western Style Copper Lamp Shade with Mountain Ever Green design under moon light. Rolling hills in background, sides have smaller tree design
Mountain Ever Green Design
Western Style Copper Lamp Shade with Horse in the sun and hills in background.
Horse Design
Copper Lamp Shade of Wolf Howling at the Moon under starry night. Evergreen with mountain in background. Sides of shade have ever green design.
Howling Wolf Design
Copper Lamp Shade of Buck Deer in bushes under moon light. Ever Green tree design on the side of shade.
Mountain Buck Design
Rustic Copper Lamp Shade with Praying Hands Design
Praying Hands Design

We offer four standard sizes for our western style shades that will go best in your home or log cabin:

Dimensions of various sized rustic copper shade lamps
  • Small and miniature sized lamps are 6” wide by 11” long by 8” tall
  • Medium size table lamps are 7” wide by 12” long by 9” tall
  • Large size table lamps are 9” wide by 14” long by 11” tall  (Contact us for this option)
  • Extra Large size table lamps are 12″ wide by 14″ long by 18″ tall (Contact us for this option)

We offer free shipping on our western and log cabin style copper lamp shades!

Let’s face it, if our designs don’t work for you we can easily create one that does! In fact, most of the shades we sell come from customers who want a custom design or need specific dimensions. Check out other designs and tell us what you need today.