North Carolina Wildlife Sculpture Art

Bring native wildlife into your home by purchasing our hand painted sculpture art.

We offer handcrafted sculptures featuring fresh water fish and water fowl native to Appalachian Mountains.  We create our sculptures from soft oil based clays which we can then create a silicon mold of the original statue.  The silicon mold is filed with high quality resins and placed under pressure to create blank replicas of each original.

Hand Painted Sculptures

Each sculpture you purchase from us is hand painted using acrylics and clear coated to preserve colors.  We offer a variety of woods to mount each piece on, check out our custom furniture page for standard wood types we have.

Approximate dimensions are 12” in length and 4” in height with a 3” depth.

Shadow Boxes

Each shadow box can include any two individual sculptures.  High quality framing material is used with double matting on each shadow box.  Custom designs for both framing and matting can be requested, check out our paintings for more ideas.  The backdrop of each box is airbrushed using three tone colors.  Fish sculptures include natural driftwood with peat moss.  Waterfowl has cattails embedded.

Dimensions are 28” in length and 14” in height with a 4” depth.