Decorative Night Lights

Variety of Decorative Night Lights
Decorative Night Lights

It’s the detail that makes our products a great fit for your home, custom designed decorative night lights at an affordable price!

When you shop at Doug Bowman Galleries everything you get is hand crafted by us!  So, here’s what you are getting:

  • 12 gauge copper is what we use.  At roughly a tenth of an inch thick these are sturdy and built to last.
  • Like our rustic lamp shades, we apply various colors of patina (which ages and gives a rust look to copper) to each of the shades.  Our primary colors we work with are brown, light black, teal and purple.
  • We are not a factory, each of the designs are hand drawn and cut.  Though very similar, no two designs are ever exactly a like.
  • These are ready to go too and include a bulb.  All you have to do is plug it in.

Standard designs we offer for our decorative night lights:

  • Bat
  • Sitting Bear
  • Angel in the Clouds
  • Night Owl
  • Horse
  • Crescent Moon

We don’t really like the term “standard” either, these are just some of the designs we came up with.  If you don’t like any of the designs that we offer, just contact us and let us know.  We can pretty much incorporate any design you want and make you a custom night light.  Here are some examples of images that you can pick to have incorporated on to your night light animal images and flower images.

We encourage custom designs, it lets us know what people like.  Honestly, a lot of our rustic copper lamp shades designs came from custom orders.  Know this, you won’t have to pay more for any custom night light design, it will be the same price as our standards.

Standard dimensions for these decorative night lights are 5” by 4” by 2.” 

Like our designs, if the dimensions don’t work for you tell us what does and we can create it for you.

Your still reading???  What are you waiting for, go get your decorative night lights at our shop today!