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Rough Cut Rustic Lamp Bases

Variety of different sized rough cut Red Oak rustic lamp bases
Rough Cut Rustic Lamp Bases

Our rustic lamps have been selling like crazy!  To keep up with popular demand, we took 75 more rough cut red oak logs out of storage.  Pictured above is 36 of the 75 we are preparing.


  • Top is medium bases
  • Left is our new mini bases
  • Right is our small bases.

Stages To Create Your Rustic Lamp Bases

What you see here is really the second stage of a 4 stage process that your rustic lamps go through when you buy them.  For the interested, here is a eagle eye view of what it takes to build the lamps you purchase from us:

  • Stage 1 – Using dried and aged Red Oak logs, we buck them (cut against the grain) to fashion each into the appropriate dimension for your lamp.
  • Stage 2 – Using a ban saw, we fashion the logs into a rough shape base
  • Stage 3 – Bases are then ran through a table sander to ensure smoothness and to remove burs.
  • Stage 4 – A clear coat lacquer is applied to preserve the natural beauty of the rustic lamp base.

See the finished product in our shop or check them out our rustic lamps page.  Have questions?  Just drop me an email or give me a call.  If your in the area, stop in our shop 188 Main Street, Chimney Rock NC 28720 to see these in person.

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