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New Mini Rustic Copper Shade Lamps

We love custom requests!  So much in fact we will add this new mini rustic copper shade lamps to our product line.

Minature sized rustic copper shade lamp featuring our bear design with stained glass inlay
Miniature sized rustic copper shade lamp

A lot of our sales come from our customers needing rustic home décor that will fit that certain niche in their home.  Somethings are worth waiting for!  You could buy something on the spot and “make it work.”  But, if you can wait an extra week or two you can get exactly what you want.

Another great thing about custom orders, it helps us get an idea of what our customers need.  Like this one, it looked so wonderful that we couldn’t help but add it to our product line for our table lamps.  It’s great for you too, now when you stop in our shop you can purchase these on the spot and skip the wait.

Product description for the new line of mini copper shade lamps:

  • These are made with the same great quality copper as our normal shades, they are just a little smaller.  These shades will be around 7″ tall.
  • The base is shorter than our others, we like to think of them as “stumpy.”  Coming in at less than 5″ tall these can pretty much fit anywhere.
  • Thought smaller, stained glass included really makes the lamp pop at first impression!
  • It’s going to be a real bargain too, coming in at less than $90.

Give us a few weeks to build more of these small but elegant lamps.  Once we build up our inventory we will add these to the site!  If your local or feel like swinging in our shop at 188 Main Street in the Chimney Rock Village, you can buy one earlier.

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