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Hand Braided Rugs

Various Colored Hand Stitched Crochet Rugs

Hand Braided Rugs made in the Appalachian Mountains!

Hey everyone, these are one of the top items we sell at our shop.  Before today, these were only available at our shop in Chimney Rock, NC.  We figured it might not be feasible for you to travel given everyone busy schedule, so we now offer our crochet rugs on our online shop. 

These make for a great area rug to warm up your hardwood or tile floors.  They look great in cabins too!

As always, you can rest assured that all of our products are hand crafted.  These are braided by my wife actually!  Due to the time it takes to create these decorative floor coverings they are usually in limited supply.  If you are local to the area, stop in our shop to get a local discount.

So stop by our online shop today and purchase one of these great rugs. 

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  1. i had the pleasure to meet one of the owners of Doug Bowman Galleries and i was so impressed by their gallery…beautiful works of of my favorites items was the braided rugs…i could not leave without a purchase of one…the quality , the beauty and the craftsmanship is superior.

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